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Muddy Waters once said, “The blues had a baby, and they named the baby rock n’ roll.” Well if Muddy Waters and Tom Petty had a baby, they’d name the baby Adam Holt. And with an array of Gibson guitars, an old Ampex tape machine, and an unassuming group of musicians out of Mobile in his toolset, Alabama singer-songwriter Adam Holt’s latest studio album is a gutsy amalgamation of his deeply sown roots in the blues, classic country, and rock n’ roll of decades ago.

No stranger to the spotlight, Adam has toured the Southeast from Houston to Tallahassee to Chattanooga, playing everywhere from music festivals to dive bars, and sharing the stage with such southern rock icons as Lynyrd Skynyrd and Drivin’ n Cryin’, as well as blues legends Bob Margolin, Willie Big Eyes Smith, and Hubert Sumlin (from Muddy Waters’ and Howlin’ Wolf’s bands, respectively). From time to time, you may find the multi-instrumentalist lending his piano chops in either an up-tempo dueling piano bar or a more intimate lounge venue, pouring his heart out to fans of Lionel Richie, Chicago, and Elton John.

But his forte is in being direct. Direct with what he has to say both lyrically and in how he responds on the guitar. As a songwriter, Holt voices his opinion tongue in cheek with rock songs like ‘Big Girls’, addressing the stereotypes of women in modern society, and in the upcoming blues song ‘The Bourgeoisie’ which takes a stab at corporate America and those who revel in the vanity of the spoils. His songs stand on their own with just an old acoustic guitar, but lend well and lay the foundation for his big, southern, velvety voice and his honest interpretation of what an electric guitar can truly sound like. It’s American music at the core, and Alabama blues and rock at the fringes.

In 2010, Adam released the well-received album, The Sunday Troubadour. Recently, he topped it with a new EP, featuring two new tracks recorded at the legendary Sun Studio in Memphis, Tennessee. This is where legends like Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash had their start, and Adam lived up to the legacy of such a unique location with his versions of Howlin’ Wolf’s ‘Killing Floor’ and Johnny Cash’s ‘Folsom Prison Blues.’

The artist is currently gearing up for the release of his latest album Kind of Blues, due out on May 31st. Holt enlisted the assistance of his wife, singer-songwriter Jillian Holt to co-pen songs like ‘Mr. Morning Drive’, ‘Before I Trusted You’, and ‘Don’t Give Up On Me Baby’. ‘Mr. Morning Drive’, the album’s opener, is the story of Jillian’s grandfather, Jack Bell, who was an on-air radio DJ and personality for over 5 decades until his retirement at the golden age of 90. His actual voiceover sets the tone for the album by introducing the song with his famous radio slate. The song’s up-tempo, pop rock feel is solidified by heavy electric guitar blues licks.

While most songs on the album are a blend of southern rock, country, and blues, you’ll find songs like ‘The End’, ‘Give the Dog a Bone’, and ‘The Bourgeoisie’ will satisfy listeners of a more traditional blues format. Rounding out the album is Adam’s rendition of a Bob Dylan classic: a pedal steel laden ‘Lay Lady Lay’.


Kind of Blues

Adam Holt

Pre-order the brand new album 'Kind of Blues' on limited run 180 gram BLUE vinyl, with the included CD, AND a digital download copy in high fidelity WAV files, PLUS get 3 BONUS tracks, recorded at the legendary Sun Studio in Memphis, TN.

Album available May 31.

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The Sunday Troubadour

Adam Holt

Just south of the border of Nashville, TN, the songwriting capital of the world lays a vast land of evergreen and pine, walking hand in hand with southern culture, hospitality, and homemade wine. Deep inside this southern soul come country, blues, and rock-n-roll. And in this land we call Alabam, we don’t care for much of the bland. So without any further a due, here’s an album just for you.

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May 2019




Alabamian Adam Holt is quickly building a following that extends throughout the South and beyond… This CD is loaded with well-penned songs spiced with great guitar riffs and excellent vocals. It’s great music to just cut loose to.”

— Robert A. Lindquist, Singer & Musician Magazine

This trademark sound encompasses the worlds of blues, rock and country without ever losing its balance. With its delicious mixture of styles, Holt’s appealing sound is an exercise in pure American rock ‘n’ roll crafted for enjoyment”

Lagniappe Mobile

As bittersweet as it is statement-making, 'The Story Must Go On' traces the Civil Rights movement from its infancy to the sad struggles that continue today, and Adam preaches that the war for freedom for all is a never-ending battle–only the characters change.”

— The Nashville Blues And Roots Alliance

Could you imagine the Beatles’ 'Blackbird' covered as a country-blues-rock song? I’d hate such blasphemy. But having heard a short clip from Adam Holt’s brand new CD, This is Adam Holt, now feeling it quite natural, as if the world was waiting just for this. The album seems to contain the very best of Adam’s works of the last three years. Every track is a potential hit ("Someone to Love", the opening track, excellent acoustic blues 'Six Strings Down'.”

— Paul Bondarovski, Midnight Special Blues Radio - Paris, France

The state of Alabama doesn't always get the musical respect it deserves, but up-and-coming artists like Adam Holt prove that the Gulf Coast state is a hotbed of musical talent. On "The Sunday Troubadour," singer Adam Holt runs the musical gamut of rock 'n' roll, blues, soul and country. And it's darn good.”


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