‘The state of Alabama doesn't always get the musical respect it deserves, but up-and-coming country artists like Adam Holt prove that the Gulf Coast state is a hotbed of musical talent. On "The Sunday Troubadour," singer Adam Holt runs the musical gamut of rock 'n' roll, blues, soul and country. And it's darn good.

Holt chose the right song to lead off the album, because "Door #1" is a bold country anthem with a memorable melody that allows the artist to showcase his most positive country music credential: his golden country rock voice. "Door #1" deserves to be a Top 10 country radio hit, and "Sideways" has much of the same charm.

The next cut "Big Girls" is another bold country cut that pays tribute to a large segment of country music fans who will eat this song up faster than free samples of bacon at the Piggly Wiggly. Holt channels his inner Darius Rucker on the next track "Cheaters Never Win," which also has country chart potential.

Radio program directors should take notice of "Where I Belong," which is a superb ballad. To have a long and successful country career, singers usually need to be equally comfortable with honky tonk style tracks and ballads. "Where I Belong" will take away any doubts of Adam Holt's viability as a contender in country music, and it is definitely the best song on the album. The final cut, "Mr Hollywood" also deserves special mention for its biting lyrics and confident vocal performance from Holt.

The only slight criticism of The Sunday Troubadour is the title of the album. You see, in only ten songs that clock in at just over 36 minutes, Adam Holt conclusively proves that he belongs on the largest country music stages. So the title should have been the album's best track: "Where I Belong."

- CountryChart.com

‘Alabamian Adam Holt is quickly building a following that extends throughout the South and beyond… This CD is loaded with well-penned songs spiced with great guitar riffs and excellent vocals. It’s great music to just cut loose to.’

- Robert A. Lindquist
Singer & Musician Magazine

‘Could you imagine the Beatles’ "Blackbird" covered as a country-blues-rock song? I’d hate such blasphemy. But having heard a short clip from Adam Holt’s brand new CD, This is Adam Holt, now feeling it quite natural, as if the world was waiting just for this. The album seems to contain the very best of Adam’s works of the last three years. Every track is a potential hit ("Someone to Love", the opening track, excellent acoustic blues "Six Strings Down".’

- Paul Bondarovski
Midnight Special Blues Radio
Paris, France

‘Some say Adam is the best you’ll find between here and Mobile. His sound is thick with soul and heavy with talent – a blending of blues and country with a hint of jazz…With each song, it’s easy to imagine Holt and his band jamming in a field of kudzu somewhere in Alabama with the haze of dusk behind them.’

- Tiffany Napper
The Pelican

‘This is Adam Holt is a thoroughly accessible album, but not at the cost of intensity or sincerity.’

- Lawrence Specker
Mobile Register

‘This is Adam Holt serves as a mission statement of sorts as it encompasses the variety of styles and genres that are an integral part of an Adam Holt show while sounding like a complete and focused album. Poppy, jazzy, funky, bluesy...it's all here.’

- Dr. Music
This, That, & The Other Magazine